A Thousand Faces of Adventure

I finally chose a title.

A Thousand Faces of Adventure

It was a hard slog and there were a lot of darlings I had to throw out, but I’m really excited about this name.

For one, it’s a play on “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”, which is Joseph Campbell’s flagship contribution to the study of myth and story structure.

It also does a good job of conveying certain aspects of this game. It’s a generic game, where the setting is discovered and created during play. By including “Adventure”, it sets the right expectation about genre. Finally it hints at the card-based components with “Faces”.

Equally important, the domain name 1kfa.com was available, and the only competing search result was the above-mentioned book.

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4 Responses to A Thousand Faces of Adventure

  1. Bill says:

    Where can I get more info about your game? I tried to download the play test version but I couldn’t get it to extract the files on my iPad. Any suggestions?


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