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Posts having to do with my Kickstarter campaign (which was active Sept 2011- Nov 2011) for Boardcrafting

Indiegogo campaign for sculpted / 3D printed player pieces

So this is cool… Filipe Lopez has started an Indiegogo campaign to make hybrid 3D-printed / sculpted player pieces for playing Settlers of Catan. The campaign is already funded but has some “stretch goals” to achieve. I think the pieces … Continue reading

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Anodized aluminum Catan pieces

I just saw this Kickstarter campaign pop up, and I really appreciate the elegance of these Settlers accessories. They’d be a fine match to go along with one of my boards. I think I may get some for myself… Campaign … Continue reading

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In the Company of Dreamers

Followers of this blog may already be aware of a couple of great Kickstarter projects going on right now. One is by Nathan of Outloud Imaginations and the other is by Bill Trammel and Nate Veldkamp. They have both created … Continue reading

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FAQs and Feedbacks

As I write this, it is 16 days into my Kickstarter campaign for the Dominion Caddy and I have 14 days to go. Just crossed the halfway point. It’s a challenge sometimes, putting myself out there. This is a very … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Campaign Launched: Dominion Caddy

Last week I launched a new Kickstarter Campaign. This time the product is the Dominion Caddy I’ve blogged about before. As can be seen from my previous post, there were a lot of people who requested Dominion be the project … Continue reading

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Pipped and Shipped

Last week I shipped out 9 rewards, and today I went down to the USPS to put 9 Total Completion rewards into the mail.

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Out the door

A little late, some Kickstarter rewards have started getting out the door. This week, I shipped 12 Grand Tiles Kits and 14 Frame Kits. Hopefully next week will see a bunch of Total Completion rewards getting out the door. I … Continue reading

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Seeing Lasers Everywhere

How long until I get my board? I’m sure that’s what a lot of my backers are asking themselves right now. I really wish I was organized enough to have definitive answers. Right now, the best I can do is … Continue reading

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18 Boards

Here's a photo of 18 boards prepped and ready to go to the wood finishing shop.

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Hewed Hide Heap

This is what 90 rough-cut pieces of leather (and scraps) look like.  I cut and prepped 46 of those yesterday, over the course of about 5 hours.  Also, 6 Frame Kits were shipped (yay!)

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