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Andy Evans’ Shiny Wooden Carcassonne

Andy Evans has created a beautiful rendition of Carcassonne in wood. I really dig the abstraction, letting the natural beauty of the wood come through rather than relying on drawings. Also, I think the dimensionality really clarifies the function of … Continue reading

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Dominion Caddy Prototypes

I’ve just finished putting together a gallery of images for the prototypes I’ve made of my Dominion Caddy. Massive props to Kiersten for awesome photog skills.

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CNC Routered Wooden Catan

Dan, a design student from the UK has created his own 4-player Catan board. It’s a thing of beauty. Using a CNC router, he cut this board from mahogany. The photos speak for themselves: Dan’s Photo Gallery Thanks for sharing, … Continue reading

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Cherry Brickin’

The first cherry Brick tiles have come out of the laser bed.

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Wall Crawl

I've had a few people ask me about hanging the boards on a wall, whether it's possible and what they should use to adhere the pieces to the back so they don't fall out. This photo shows my solution.  If … Continue reading

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Tiles showcase

I’ve added a showcase page for the tiles. This is especially important for anyone ordering a single tile on the Kickstarter campaign, it will let them get a good look at the designs and decide which one they want. Tiles … Continue reading

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On Point

There was some scrap MDF lying around at TechShop last night, and I had some time to kill, so I thought I'd try an idea out. "We'll do it live!", as the saying goes. This is a point counter.  Not … Continue reading

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New showcase pages

Mmmm… pretty macro photos. I’ve now added showcases for the pips as well as the robber I think this is the first time I’ve talked about the robber design. I wanted something that was abstract and intuitive. The anthropomorphic robber … Continue reading

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Showcase Showoff

I’ve just created a gallery of images for the completed prototype. I intend to make a “showcase” for all of the items available in my Kickstarter campaign. The Board Showcase

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First test

Here's a photo of the completed board prototype being put to a test.  This was taken at Muddy's in San Francisco during the meet-up.  I'm pleased to report that I won the pictured game, so this board will not … Continue reading

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