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More Sleeping Gods work

Here’s more work-in-progress I’m doing for Sleeping Gods. A lot of finicky gluing, with three layers

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Laser-cut Carcassonne

I have been working recently on designs for a laser-cut Carcassonne set. I have completed a prototype of The River and some start tiles. I brought them all to KublaCon a couple weekends ago, and played many a game of … Continue reading

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Art, Ego, Identity

Against my introverted nature, I have been meeting a lot of new people over the past couple months. During introductions, often I will be asked “so what do you do?”, a question which, in buried parts of my brain becomes … Continue reading

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Prototyping a Laser-Cut Catan Water Tile

I used up some of the scrap wood I had lying around today. After having a lot of fun playing around with tesselated patterns in Inkscape (Edit->Clone->Create Tiled Clones) I tried some of them out on the laser cutter.

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Polished Gold

And here is the Gold tile, realized in birch.  (Sorry for the crummy quality phonecam photo)

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One of the next projects for me will be a laser-cut Dominion "caddy" – a device to keep all the cards lined up nicely while playing the game.  There's not much room on it for decoration, but with a laser, … Continue reading

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Looking through some examples of decorative art from the last century, I got inspired to try my hand at some flourishes to perhaps use to enhance the borders of the board and ports.  When I started working at this level … Continue reading

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Two Sheepies

  I am agonizing over the decision of what design to use for my sheep tile. Since it’s the age of the lazyweb 2.0, I’m going to crowdsource the decision-making.  So what say you, anonymous digital throng? Should I choose … Continue reading

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