Andy Evans’ Shiny Wooden Carcassonne

detail of a wooden Carcassonne board
Andy Evans has created a beautiful rendition of Carcassonne in wood. I really dig the abstraction, letting the natural beauty of the wood come through rather than relying on drawings. Also, I think the dimensionality really clarifies the function of the shapes – cities are unquestionably separated from fields, and tracing the border of the fields becomes an easier task.
detail of wooden Carcassonne boarddetail of wooden Carcassonne board

Andy is working on Catan now, and has shared with me an image of a redwood burl tile. Looks like that one is going to be great as well.

So often, I see people’s comments in reaction to these images saying “Take my money!” or “Kickstart this!”. It underscores that there is a real demand for high quality, handmade board game products. Each time, I can’t help but start brainstorming ways to sustainably produce them on a scale sufficient to be shared with all those people.

Here’s the Boardgame Geek Thread where I saw these images originally.

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1 Response to Andy Evans’ Shiny Wooden Carcassonne

  1. Per Sørlie says:

    Really nice! How to order a wooden version of Carcassonne like this? Price? 🙂


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