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Last night my Kickstarter campaign ended. I am thrilled by the response I got. This chart may look like numbers to you, but to me it reads as “Keep doing it. Go forward. Make some more cool stuff.”

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Beautiful painted wood Catan board

Maker makendo designed and built his own Catan board out of wood that I quite like. A particularly brilliant part of the design is the clay quarry tile, which has a cut-out section that works because it reveals the bottom … Continue reading

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Aww, Shucks…

GameHead had some very complimentary things to say about Boardcrafting this month. What can I say guys? I’m blushing!

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Christmas Rush in October

Wow. The response I’ve had from my Kickstarter campaign has been immense. It has actually brought me a new set of problems. Initially, I set my funding target to $8000, thinking I could probably make 30 products and ship them … Continue reading

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How obscene is it that we hide our games behind closet doors while televisions are now being hung on the wall like Picassos? Our games are totems of community, interaction, sharing, friendship and familial ties.  The notion that games should … Continue reading

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On Point

There was some scrap MDF lying around at TechShop last night, and I had some time to kill, so I thought I'd try an idea out. "We'll do it live!", as the saying goes. This is a point counter.  Not … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

I launched a Kickstarter campaign! Go go gadget internets! Check out my sweet video (it’s the first video I’ve ever made for the interweb) Boardcrafting Kickstarter Page So yeah, if you want to spread that link around and get all … Continue reading

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Break Even Analysis & Therapy

Deciding on the price for a product is both difficult and highly important, according to that one Marketing class I took for fun in University. Data is king, but it is really tough to get good data. I tried a … Continue reading

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In Living Color

Several times, I've had it suggested that I should try coloring the tiles.  I've been a little skeptical, but I tried an experiment. I took a sheep tile and got some green wood stain from Cole's Hardware and went to … Continue reading

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Please take my survey

Please take a couple minutes to respond to my 7-question survey at I’m trying to assess how interested people are in Catan as a hobby and how much people would be willing to pay for a premium board like … Continue reading

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