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New Videos

I’ve edited a couple videos that I intend to use with an Instructable I’m writing. I figure I’ll throw them up here as well, for good measure. I wish I knew how to improve the audio…

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Third Act Relief

As I approach the end of fulfilling my Kickstarter orders, it gets harder and harder to keep up the pace of the manufacturing / assembly process. Something about deadlines or finality has always had a demotivating effect on me. I … Continue reading

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Fraction Mnemonic

When I tell people that I have a degree in Mathematics, often they expect me to be good at mental arithmetic. Nothing could be further from the truth. And that’s fine, because in Mathematics (and also in its more practical … Continue reading

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Seeing Lasers Everywhere

How long until I get my board? I’m sure that’s what a lot of my backers are asking themselves right now. I really wish I was organized enough to have definitive answers. Right now, the best I can do is … Continue reading

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Cow Tattoos

Starting my own business is an amazing experience. Here, I’m using “amazing” in the sense that events emerge which simultaneously bewilder and challenge and impress. Responding to accidents, stumbles, to those things I didn’t predict, and don’t have training for, … Continue reading

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Tile Kit Wednesday

Today I'm packing up a bunch of Tiles Kits from the Kickstarter campaign.  Yesterday I shipped off a handful, plus some replacement parts.

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Order Board Lore

I figure it’s time for a Kickstarter campaign status update. The past couple months have been the busiest times in recent memory. In fact, I don’t think I’ve crammed that much since studying for final exams in university. I again … Continue reading

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Another Quick Update

With the help of a brigade of volunteers, I got some packaging done today, and prepped some packages for shipment tomorrow. It will be the first "IRL" boardcrafting rewards that ship out. 18 Frame Kits, 4 Tiles Kits, 11 Pips, … Continue reading

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Stacks and Rolls

Recently I took delivery of many of the supplies to make the rewards for the Kickstarter campaign.  Having piles of wood and leather arrayed about my apartment has made real the scope of the project.  It's staring at me every … Continue reading

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