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Posts having to do with my Kickstarter campaign (which was active Sept 2011- Nov 2011) for Boardcrafting

Cow Tattoos

Starting my own business is an amazing experience. Here, I’m using “amazing” in the sense that events emerge which simultaneously bewilder and challenge and impress. Responding to accidents, stumbles, to those things I didn’t predict, and don’t have training for, … Continue reading

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One of Those Days

So today, in an effort to finish up the Fancywood Edition orders, I got into TechShop SF to do some work.  Unfortunately it was a day where the plan wouldn't come together.  TechShop has one laser down for maintenance, I … Continue reading

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Delivery Boy

I made a run to the USPS today (thanks for the ride, Greg!) and sent off 17 Total Completion Kickstarter rewards. I’ve got one more chance to send out the remaining Christmas orders, and that’s Monday. I’ll be working all … Continue reading

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My Life Now

Look at all them check marks!

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Still Gettin’ After It

Just a quick photo update.  I'm sprinting for the Christmas delivery deadline.

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How Perfect Is This?

The US Postal Service has a box size called "Board Game Box", and it's actually a really good size to ship my boards in.

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Good news, everybody! Boardcrafting is currently featured on the Games page at Kickstarter. I’ve noticed a bump in backers. In further Kickstarter news, I have exceeded 200 backers! Thanks so much to you all. I’m really excited to get the … Continue reading

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