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Andy Evans’ Shiny Wooden Carcassonne

Andy Evans has created a beautiful rendition of Carcassonne in wood. I really dig the abstraction, letting the natural beauty of the wood come through rather than relying on drawings. Also, I think the dimensionality really clarifies the function of … Continue reading

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Prototyping a Laser-Cut Catan Water Tile

I used up some of the scrap wood I had lying around today. After having a lot of fun playing around with tesselated patterns in Inkscape (Edit->Clone->Create Tiled Clones) I tried some of them out on the laser cutter.

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Dominion Caddy: Lyrical Scabbard

More work on my Dominion card “caddy” design. I call this one “Lyrical Scabbard”. Here you can see both the original pencil sketch and the cleaned-up, tweaked and refined design in the vector file.

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Third Act Relief

As I approach the end of fulfilling my Kickstarter orders, it gets harder and harder to keep up the pace of the manufacturing / assembly process. Something about deadlines or finality has always had a demotivating effect on me. I … Continue reading

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Barbarian Boat Brewing

In anticipation for an upcoming comission to do pieces for the expansion “Catan: Cities and Knights” (TM), I took some time this afternoon to sketch a barbarian boat. Pretty fearsome, right?  Catan islanders, tremble before the salty hordes!

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CNC Routered Wooden Catan

Dan, a design student from the UK has created his own 4-player Catan board. It’s a thing of beauty. Using a CNC router, he cut this board from mahogany. The photos speak for themselves: Dan’s Photo Gallery Thanks for sharing, … Continue reading

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Polished Gold

And here is the Gold tile, realized in birch.  (Sorry for the crummy quality phonecam photo)

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Smelted Sketch

And here’s the final vector design that comes from that sketching process discussed in the previous post

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Mining the Sketchbook

One of the Kickstarter rewards is the “Grand Tiles Kit” which includes all the tiles needed to play a 5-6 player game of Settlers of CatanTM or the SeafarersTM variant. A necessary part of that Seafarers variant is the Gold … Continue reading

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