Which box would you pick up?


The most important feedback I got at KublaCon this year was that my title needs to be better. “Deckahedron World” appealed to me because I like puns, and I felt it was a nice nod to it’s parent, Dungeon World.

But the title of the game isn’t for me, it’s for the audience, and “Deckahedron World” doesn’t serve the audience.  It doesn’t help the audience know what the game is about. If someone walked into a game shop and saw a box on the shelf saying “Deckahedron World”, would they have any impression about whether this was something they would enjoy? Would they want to pick up the box and have a look?

Thanks to James Ernest for helping me see this.

Which of these names do you think would give you a good impression? If you saw a box on a shelf entitled thusly, would you pick it up and look at the cover? What kind of expectation would you have of it?

  • Ye Brave Heroes
  • Hearthember Journeys
  • Master the Myth
  • Campfire of Heroes
  • The Ascendant Circle
  • Face Myth, Become Legend
  • Crucible of Legends
  • Epic of the Hearthlighters
  • Legends to Fear or Be
  • Bearers of the Hearthflame
  • Campfire Epics
  • Deckahedron Legends
  • Flipped Fantasy
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1 Response to Which box would you pick up?

  1. Jesse says:

    Crucible of Legends. Maybe Flipped Fantasy.


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