Almost Famous

Boardcrafting was in the New York Times (sort of)!

I was doing some vanity googling tonight, as one does – sometimes it’s fun to see where images of the Boardcrafting Catan boards pop up, and I saw a still image clearly captured from a video. On further investigation, it was a video from a NYT tech blog featuring Dan Shapiro talking about Glowforge.  Very cool!

In their early prototype stage, I shared the Catan tile designs with the Glowforge folks, and I’ve seen it in their marketing materials here and there. They’ve since created their own in-house Catan design, but this NYT video was shot when they were still using mine.

If you’re interested in laser cutting, check out Glowforge, I’ve got one myself and am very happy with it.  Plus, they made me famous.

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1 Response to Almost Famous

  1. Carol says:

    Very interesting. Congrats! 👏



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