Refused Redemption and Corpsemonsters

IMG_20170917_170349Last night I completed my first playtest campaign of Deckahedron World!

It. was. epic.

Brian, Garrett, Greg, Jared, and I (and guest-star Joe as the Party Goblin) wove a tale of purple potatoes, murder, plagues, escapes, drug manufacturing, faction upheaval, grand theft, falling into traps, refusing chances at redemption, becoming a monster, destruction of civilization, and being rescued from yourself by your best friends, who sacrificed the biggest score they ever laid eyes on to do so.

I’m really excited about Deckahedron World, I’ll be playtesting one-shots at the Protospiel at Dundracon in a couple weeks.

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1 Response to Refused Redemption and Corpsemonsters

  1. Gary says:

    Looks great


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