Readying laser-cut Carcassonne

I’ve been finding some time recently to continue working on my designs for a laser-cut Carcassonne board.  It’s gone through revisions as I’ve been solving tricky problems and re-doing parts I wasn’t happy with.  Now I’ve got some wood to test it out, and I’ve laid out the design so that it’s ready to laser.

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4 Responses to Readying laser-cut Carcassonne

  1. Luke Hughes says:

    Hello I was wondering if you designed any other boards for other games?? If you do then how much does one cost and if you don’t thanks for you’re time.

    Luke Hughes


    • Hi Luke,
      I have designs for Catan and Dominion, and as of right now, am working on Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, and Castles of Burgundy. No prices yet – the business aspect of Boardcrafting is currently on the back-burner, hopefully to re-emerge in early 2017.


      • Luke Hughes says:

        I was hoping that you might be able to do a custom pokemon tcg battle arena?? Could this be a possibility??


  2. I’m probably not the guy for that, Luke. But you could try Lyris Laser:


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