Grand Opening on

boardcrafting amazon store launch_birch set_accessary for settler's of catan

Last week, I launched Boardcrafting on Amazon. It was a bit of a challenge jumping through all their hoops – particularly for a small company like mine, as I don’t have any UPC codes or any pictures with a white background ready to go. But I know from my own behavior, when I’m looking to buy a gift or an accessory Amazon is the first place I go.

Right now the listing is an experiment. Besides the hoops that one has to jump through, it’s something like $40 per month to list products on Amazon. So I’ll be watching it closely and evaluating whether it’s worth it. Also to that end, I’ve discounted the Amazon price by 10%.

If you have time, I’d love for readers to have a look at the Amazon listing page and let me know if there are any ways I could improve it. Also, I know Amazon gives different search results to different people. If you could go to the Amazon homepage and search for “catan” and let me know how many pages deep in the search results you have to go before my product shows up, that would be helpful too!

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1 Response to Grand Opening on

  1. Location: Ontario
    Not listed at all
    “catan” Not included in results
    “catan board” Not included in results
    “catan wood” Page 3 (last page)
    “catan birch” Unique result
    “catan accessories” Page 1 (item 14)

    I wish I could afford one of your beautiful boards. Good luck with amazon!


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