Puerto Rico: Building on Buildings

labelled sketch of a design for improved Puerto Rico buildings
One of my ideas for improving Puerto Rico is to change the component for the buildings. Currently the buildings look like this:
image of buildings of official Puerto Rico game
Improvements I want to implement are as follows:

  • separate the price and quarry effect information from the actual building component. Once a player buys a building, they no longer need this information, it just unnecessarily occupies space on their mat. Also, this lets players easily set up the board for the popular switched University / Factory variant
  • add an indented place for the Colonist, so that it stays nice looking
  • make the effect of the building an icon rather than text
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2 Responses to Puerto Rico: Building on Buildings

  1. Alex Ronke says:

    When you have this design finalized, will you need to run it through Kickstarter to produce these sets? Or will you be able to just take orders via this site? I know Kickstarter/Amazon/etc. takes a fair chunk out of your proceeds.


    • Yeah, the plan is to do a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter provides a low-risk proving ground and marketing in its own right (people will see products on Kickstarter that they wouldn’t have otherwise searched out)


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