FAQs and Feedbacks

screenshot from Inkscape editing program of Dominion Caddy design
As I write this, it is 16 days into my Kickstarter campaign for the Dominion Caddy and I have 14 days to go. Just crossed the halfway point.

It’s a challenge sometimes, putting myself out there. This is a very personal project and even though I’ve done a Kickstarter campaign before and submitted my art to public scrutiny, I don’t know if it’s gotten any easier. I’m getting a lot of awesome backers (the count is now at 83) and it truly feels like they’ve got my back. But I’ve also been greeted with some questions and critique.

They are legitimate questions, and the feedback is very valuable because what I’m doing is not just art, but also a product launch. Products must address the needs of a market. If people didn’t tell me what they need, I wouldn’t be able to help them – to create a solution they’d want. For me, it is an exercise in putting ego aside (even when the critiques are delivered in less-than-friendly language) to objectively gather data.

Here’s the summary of what I’ve gathered, people are asking for a caddy that:

  • works with various sleeve brands
  • organizes the extra decks: Curses, Platinum, Colony, …
  • handles larger decks (ie, Rats with 20 cards, Curses with 10-50 cards, …)
  • works with cards from other games (Standard playing cards, Trains, Catan, Tanto Cuore)

So what shall I do with this data? I’ll add some new rewards to the Kickstarter campaign.

Judging by how long it takes me to design and prototype, I won’t be able to offer these new rewards for Christmas delivery, which really is unfortunate, but I have to commit to quality first. I learned that lesson last time. Because of the complexity of this reward, I’m going to give myself a couple months to design, prototype, and iterate and delivery will be in March.

Primarily, I’m going to add a choose-your-own-adventure style reward for $75. This is somewhere between a commission job and the Felt-bottomed Etched Dominion Caddy. I’m going to let backers toggle any one of the following options:

  • Felt bottom
  • 10 or 12 slots
  • square or rounded slot corners
  • slot width: regular / sleeved (63mm) / other (request custom width)
  • regular or double height (double height will comfortably fit 36-card decks)

Also, I’m going to offer a digital reward. $25 for a copy of the digital source files for all the Caddy designs and exclusivity on those files for 6 months (I won’t make them available for anyone but backers during that period) and access to any future updates to those designs that come out. (License will be CC-By-NC)

Hopefully these new rewards will satisfy people that have critiqued the project and give the campaign a boost. Please check out the campaign with the new rewards at Kickstarter. If you’d like to help me out, but can’t back the campaign, I’d really appreciate if you could pass on the link to any friends who might be into it.

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