Blair Nisley’s Custom 5-6 Player Catan Board

Blair got a Kit of my Boardcrafting tiles and did a pretty sweet paintjob (see closeup here). He reports there’s a technique to painting:

I did do some experimeting and the best way to paint these is to leave the masking on them, paint them, then remove the masking, then do a light final sanding of 400 grit paper.

Blair also did a really excellent modification to the tiles – he loaded them with magnets so that they all snap together and stay together.

The magnets were 2mm diameter x 1mm deep magents off of ebay. I made a jig to drill a hole in each edges of each piece that was 1mm deep. I then stuck a dab of super glue in each hole and pressed each magnet into each edge making sure I had a + – + – + – polarity around the piece so that each piece would have an opposite polairy to the one next to it, or if it didnt fit, you could just rotate it and then it would fit. The magnets are strong enough so that if you pull on a tile, all the other tiles will go with it

What an amazing effort. Thanks, Blair!

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1 Response to Blair Nisley’s Custom 5-6 Player Catan Board

  1. Dave Wright says:

    wow they really look good. i have cut a set of pips and ports from blue and black perspex but the cut is not deep enough so they are hard to see in poor light.
    ill re cut them and send you some pics….


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