Prototyping a Laser-Cut Catan Water Tile

laser cut water tiles for catan
I used up some of the scrap wood I had lying around today. After having a lot of fun playing around with tesselated patterns in Inkscape (Edit->Clone->Create Tiled Clones) I tried some of them out on the laser cutter.

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3 Responses to Prototyping a Laser-Cut Catan Water Tile

  1. I’ll admit, those aren’t really jumping out as “water” to me. I was thinking that a water crest in a circle (six so one per face and flowing into the next one) would look pretty cool. Maybe something like this

    But, obviously your bit. I just want water tiles. 🙂 That way, I can finish painting (well, acrylic wash) them for our game.


    • Hi D.

      It was important for me that the water tiles fit with the others as a series that comments or plays with symmetry and repetition, so these designs work for me and I feel like it ties the set together. I would be open to doing commissions, of course. I’m hoping a final iteration of the water tile design will be complete and satisfactory on Saturday.


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