Dan’s Catan Stand / Marketing Thoughts

Dan, who I blogged about previously, has created another iteration of his CNC routered Catan board. This one is up for sale on eBay, get it while it’s hot:

Dan’s eBay auction

I’ve tested the waters of eBay before, and was mildly and temporarily discouraged. I think these kinds of crafted items don’t fare well on eBay which seems to me to be more of a bargain-hunting, ADHD market. I’ve been thinking a lot about marketing recently. I think the hardest thing is conveying the beauty of a crafted, wooden product. You really need to get your hands on it, see the organic patterns of the wood grain, feel the heft, etc. I’ve tried to cross this gap by providing very detailed photos, macro where possible, but great photos are like a telescope that lets you see the other side of the ravine. Seeing is well and good, but what’s needed is a bridge, not a telescope.

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