New Instructable

image of Instructables web page

I’ve made an instructable to complement / replace the instructions I’ve had up for a while.

Making an instructable serves a few purposes. It is a way to make the instructions richer, with more photos and even videos.  It also offloads the work of hosting and organizing the information and media – a job I could do, but like when I set up the online store at CafeCommerce, I decided to let others handle it so I could focus on the products themselves. Also, making an instructable is simply marketing.  People browsing the Instructables site might be inspired to come here and maybe buy a product.

Finally, there's also a chance the instructable could win a contest and I could get my very own laser cutter.  If you want to help me out towards that end, please vote for me with the button near the top right of the instructable page.

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2 Responses to New Instructable

  1. I bought the .zip files for your board; however, I play the 6 player expansion making the outer frame useless to me. Could you make an “ocean” or “water” hexagon tile for me? I’m just going to have the tiles, pips, and ports produced instead of the outer frame, but I need the water hexagon tiles to polish it off! Feel free to email me about this!


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