package and happy customer
Last month, I sent out the very last reward from my Kickstarter campaign. I could finally take some pride that each one of my 307 backers got their lovely Catan goodness. This last one was a bit of a struggle too – I had sent a board to the UK, but it never arrived. So I lasered up a replacement to send out, but right before I could, the original package appeared at my front door, just leaning casually against the wall. It had toured over the Atlantic and back just high-fiving the machinery and strolling with the carriers of both the US Postal Service and the Royal Mail. It may have enjoyed its time abroad, but it couldn’t leave me. I examined its new stickers, checked that everything was still intact, and pushed it back into the wild, ignoring its plaintive whines. “Just go!” I yelled, “Go! You can’t stay here!” sniffing back tears, throwing stones and dirt at it, I grief-screamed. And slowly, finally, it left, journeying again.

Happily, it found a great home with Stephen, who sent me photographic evidence of its arrival and humane treatment.

Thank you, Kickstarter backers, you rock! (Also, you sheep, wood, brick, and wheat)

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2 Responses to Kickstoppered

  1. We loved playing with our boards, though I’m going to stain them a slightly different color to make it easier to figure out which is which. I did notice we are already missing out on pips so is there a chance you’ll have a replacement pack of those? Likewise, any chance of getting water tiles? We play with random boards a lot and like having the odd lake or river in our games.

    Ug, login woes. 🙂


    • Hi D.
      Great, I highly encourage staining or otherwise modifying the kits. (I’d love to see photos)

      I’ve added a “Replacement Parts” product to the shop, but long story short, email me for some quotes on what you need regarding pips and water tiles.


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