Third Act Relief


As I approach the end of fulfilling my Kickstarter orders, it gets harder and harder to keep up the pace of the manufacturing / assembly process. Something about deadlines or finality has always had a demotivating effect on me. I keep on going, because there are people counting on me — awesome, generous people who supported my dream. But I’ve got to fuel the passion as well, and doing the same work for the 200th time in a row doesn’t cut it.

Plus, it doesn’t make for exciting blog content.

So I took a day yesterday an sat down in a quiet cafe to work on designs for my next product, a Dominion card “caddy”.
Pictured is the result of the day, taking a pencil sketch and making a vector file.

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2 Responses to Third Act Relief

  1. scarson says:

    Hi, I sent you an email to about this a few days ago and never received a response. Could you please let me know if you got it, and if not, check for it?


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