Out the door

Kits in their shipping packaging

A little late, some Kickstarter rewards have started getting out the door. This week, I shipped 12 Grand Tiles Kits and 14 Frame Kits. Hopefully next week will see a bunch of Total Completion rewards getting out the door. I am currently in at the laser cutter, working on the Fancywood Edition rewards today.

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7 Responses to Out the door

  1. hunter says:

    Hi, just got my frame kit, but not really sure what’s the best way to glue it together. What kind of glue would be best? wood glue or contact cement maybe?


  2. pmreckoning says:


    Any word on when all the Frame Kits originally due in February will be sent out?



    • They are about half-shipped. I think it’s mainly the ones with wool backings that have been slow to get together and ship. The wool wasn’t ready until last week.


      • pmreckoning says:

        Ok, thanks for the update. Not sure what you mean by wool backing- do you mean wool felt? I would like to verify I’ll be getting the leather backing!


      • Send me an email with the email or username you used on Kickstarter and I’ll be able to give you a specific reply.


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