Seeing Lasers Everywhere

Painting of Kittens shooting lasers
How long until I get my board?

I’m sure that’s what a lot of my backers are asking themselves right now. I really wish I was organized enough to have definitive answers. Right now, the best I can do is give some details of the state of affairs.

There are 7 Grand Tiles Kits and 15 Frame Kits packaged up and ready to ship. They should go into the mail today or tomorrow.

There are components for 13 Total Completion rewards ready to be assembled.

Alex at Pagoda Arts is doing a diligent, high quality job cutting out 50 remaining leather backings and some Total Completion components at his laser cutter.

Meanwhile, I have been lasering the tiles for the Fancywood Edition rewards at TechShop. There was a slight problem doing the poplar planks, which was a setback, but I hope to be done the tiles and move on to the inscriptions this week.

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