Python Lasers


Some of the backers from the Kickstarter campaign supported me at the $500 “Fancywood Edition” level.  For those backers, I am laser-engraving an inscription of their choice into the board.  My first couple attempts at making this inscription turned out poorly.  The font was very small, and therefore the lines that made up the letters were very tightly packed.  Sometimes that meant that the wood between two lines would “burn out” and generally look ugly.

To solve this, I took the original set of letters, and edited the vectors in Inkscape.  Mostly what I did was remove any two lines that were too close together, especially in letters like “o”, “a”, and “e” where there is an internal “negative space”.  You might be able to see such issues in the photo above.

I wrote a program in Python to automatically transform regular text into my “adjusted” vectors.  Seeing as it is PyCon this weekend, it seemed like an appropriate time to post about this.

I can see this problem being encountered by others who do laser cutting, so I’ve packaged up my script and my adjusted font vectors along with some instructions and made them free to download.  If you’re interested, you can get them here.  Enjoy.

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