Mining the Sketchbook

Gold Tile Sketch 03

One of the Kickstarter rewards is the “Grand Tiles Kit” which includes all the tiles needed to play a 5-6 player game of Settlers of CatanTM or the SeafarersTM variant. A necessary part of that Seafarers variant is the Gold Tile.

I haven’t yet finished the design of the Gold Tile. Part of what makes Kickstarter so cool is that getting funded means I can go forward with new designs like this.

Gold Tile Sketch 08Gold Tile Sketch 09

I started off thinking about conventional symbols for “gold”: gold bars, coins, rings, etc. I also played around with some intricate patterns that evoke gilt etched objects.

gold tile sketch 04gold sketch 05gold tile sketch 07

Next, I thought about what the Gold Tile actually does in the game. When you get paid from a Gold tile, you get to choose any of the 5 resources. So I played around with designs that would let me split the space up into fifths. I considered filling areas with patterns borrowed from the port icons of the resources.

gold tile sketch 03gold tile sketch 02

Next, I thought about what it would mean to be able to trade your gold for any resource in a medieval setting. Sufficient wealth to demand any resource in a competitive marketplace implies the power to compel. So finally I played around with crowns and tile sketch 01

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