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boxes that shipped in December

I figure it’s time for a Kickstarter campaign status update. The past couple months have been the busiest times in recent memory. In fact, I don’t think I’ve crammed that much since studying for final exams in university. I again thank all the people who joined in to help me complete the Christmas orders and who therefore ensured the backers would have their promised Boardcrafting rewards to give to their loved ones.

One of the things I was working on in November and December was figuring out what the Fancywood Edition should be. I have a design and a manufacturing process for that item now, and I’ll try to get some nice photos up soon.

In December, I shipped 95 rewards. My original self-imposed deadline was Dec 10. My actual last day of shipping was Dec 17. (Well, I actually was shipping a few special orders out until the morning of Dec 22…) Since then, I’ve taken a little holiday time for myself, and have been looking back at the last couple months to decide what worked and what didn’t.

New Years Resolutions

I really need some automatic (or manual, but really cheap) way of peeling all the tape off the pieces. Maybe there’s some tool like one would use to plane wood.

I think I would have less stress if I kept all the boards together as they go through the steps, rather than eg, have 5 waiting to be lasered, 5 ready to be peeled and 9 waiting to be assembled.

I need to find an economical way to make frame kits. They were the 2nd most popular reward, but I was losing money on them at $60.

I need to figure out how to make a frame that will fit the Settlers of Catan expansions. In my survey, it was highly requested.

That’s been the ride so far. The thing that I am so amazed by is the feedback I’ve been getting from pleased backers. Knowing the impact my boards have made is so positive and appreciated is definitely not something I got from software development.

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5 Responses to Order Board Lore

  1. Sam says:

    Find a nearby high school with a woodshop. Talk to the shop teacher and extend an offer to pay one or two of his students whatever minimum wage is these days to help you out in the shop.


  2. Tim Bauer says:

    Lol. Way to be encouraging to all us future software developers. πŸ˜› In all honesty, congrats on the massive success of your kickstarter campaign. Here’s hoping your business continues to take off and move in that positive direction. πŸ˜€


  3. Hi – I am one of the Kickstarter supporters and I’m wondering if it’s still possible to upgrade my order (from regular wood to fancy wood). Let me know if this is possible!!



  4. Hi. First of all really impressed with what you’re doing. Can’t wait til i can afford to buy a set myself!
    Regarding a frame for the seafairers, I think the only way you’ll be able to house all the different combinations is if you re-create the original frames, e.g. the outers for the original hexagonal board along with the two extras (and two extenders) included with seafairers. It wouldn’t allow for the road/settlement holders of your normal frame (unless you were to make small pieces that could go in between in a lattice type affair) but then maybe the board would be too big anyway if you had that – the normal seafairers board is hard to fit on several tables i’ve played on!


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