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Smelted Sketch

And here’s the final vector design that comes from that sketching process discussed in the previous post

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Mining the Sketchbook

One of the Kickstarter rewards is the “Grand Tiles Kit” which includes all the tiles needed to play a 5-6 player game of Settlers of CatanTM or the SeafarersTM variant. A necessary part of that Seafarers variant is the Gold … Continue reading

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Order Board Lore

I figure it’s time for a Kickstarter campaign status update. The past couple months have been the busiest times in recent memory. In fact, I don’t think I’ve crammed that much since studying for final exams in university. I again … Continue reading

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Ben Schultz’s Custom Settlers of Catan Set

This handmade (tablesaw, wordburning and shellac) wooden set for Settlers of Catan was made by Ben Shultz. Imgur gallery here. Instructable here. I really respect the hand-burnt details of all the pieces. A lot of time went into this. I … Continue reading

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