Still Gettin’ After It


Just a quick photo update.  I'm sprinting for the Christmas delivery deadline.

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9 Responses to Still Gettin’ After It

  1. I stumbled upon Kickstarter while searching for something cool for my wife’s Christmas gift and knew right away it was PERFECT. Of course, the campaign had already ended. Waaaaaa. I realize there’s no way to get something by Christmas but I’d still like to order at least a frame but can’t find a way to do that now that the campaign is over. Any help? You may be busy well into next year! When do orders for next Christmas start? : )


    • Hi Dave.

      I’ll soon have an online store set up here at I’ll be blogging about the progress on that front as well. If you’d like to subscribe to the blog, it will keep you automatically updated. Expect the store some time in January.


  2. Clive Gringras says:

    Not chasing BUT I am planning Christmas/Hannukkah presents… How can I find out when my amazing board might arrive?


  3. Kat Crowder says:

    So excited, too! 🙂


  4. Mark Mainka says:

    God if you could make a board that would allow play for 5 to 6 edition I would buy three of them


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