The Shrinkage Problem


Canvas.  It kinda sucks.

First of all, it is a poor medium for laser cutting.  The edges fray
after the cut, definitely not something I want happening to a product
with my name on it.

Furthermore, before I cut it, I wanted it to be as flat as possible,
so of course I ironed it.  Later, I used the cut canvas as a measuring
template for cutting some pieces of leather.  I was pretty surprised
when said leather wasn’t big enough for the design.

It turns out that I didn’t account for how ironing made the canvas
expand.  After it dried for a while, it lost a couple centimeters. You
can see in the photo its size versus a correctly cut piece of leather.
So I had been rough-cutting the leather guided by a mis-sized piece
of canvas.  Urgh!

But these obstacles shall be quickly overcome, and the data and
knowledge from occasional stumbles is invaluable.

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