chart of my Kickstarter pledges

Last night my Kickstarter campaign ended. I am thrilled by the response I got. This chart may look like numbers to you, but to me it reads as “Keep doing it. Go forward. Make some more cool stuff.”

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5 Responses to Campaign

  1. schöneck says:

    Super Excited for the end products. Great work. Have you posted images of the leather you’ll use with the Post-Post Christmas Frame Kit? I ordered this and The Grand Tiles Kit I know it’ll be a while after christmas but I can’t wait to start playing with my friends. The fancy wood is looking great also.


  2. Jordan says:

    Super congratulations are in order. I am psyched to receive my frame kit as my family runs our Settlers cardboard (garbage) frame into the ground over the holidays. We own 3 sets because of this.

    Have you gotten support from the company that makes Settlers? And are you planning to start a business doing this full time? There’s certainly a desire for quality boards out there.


  3. Will you be selling more after you make all the ones you’ve already sold? I was following the project on Kickstarter, and very interested, but ultimately did not pledge by the end.


    • Hi Terence.

      Yes, I’ll set up an online store just as soon as I’m past the Christmas rush of Kickstarter orders. Keep an eye on this blog for news of the online store.


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