Pretty Alternate Colors


Pretty again.  But this time, butternut and cherry have been substituted.

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7 Responses to Pretty Alternate Colors

  1. Alex says:

    I actually prefer the more subtle color of the brick here. The deep-red of the padauk (that was the red one, right?) almost looked painted. Like kid’s room red paint color. This brick (cherry, right?) seems to fit better with the overall motif.

    Could we get a picture using the cherry for brick and the walnut for stone? I’m curious how that color group looks.


  2. AJ says:

    These are amazing looking! I’m looking forward to the vector files and wanted to know, will you be selling regular and fancywood boards in a more affordable range once this takes off? I want one badly but cannot do $500 plus. 😦


    • Hi AJ
      I think this is as cheap as I’ll be able to go. Unless cost savings can be realized in some other way, either in the process, materials, or shipping, which I can then pass on to customers


  3. I don’t remember how I got here (I think via Kickstarter email?) but I have been captivated here for quite a while. I have some similar aspirations (mostly involving 2.5D puzzles) and watching your process, which you’ve blogged eloquently and in detail, has been incredibly helpful.

    Also quite reminiscent, as I’ve been doing my own journey with CAD-cut wood to do some wooden sculptures (Forest of the Heart, at Maker Faire this past May 2011). I did sketches, tests in materials, made 1-in:1-ft prototypes, had design changes, translated to the ShopBot and ended up with 4x8ft triangular tree sculptures. Working in miniature or small-scale calls to me much more than the large, though!

    A long-winded way to say THANK YOU and I wish you the most awesome success. Playing enjoyable games with beautiful pieces is a delight everyone should experience. How marvelous that you are helping make it happen!



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