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The Shrinkage Problem

Canvas.  It kinda sucks. First of all, it is a poor medium for laser cutting.  The edges fray after the cut, definitely not something I want happening to a product with my name on it. Furthermore, before I cut it, … Continue reading

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Stacks and Rolls

Recently I took delivery of many of the supplies to make the rewards for the Kickstarter campaign.  Having piles of wood and leather arrayed about my apartment has made real the scope of the project.  It's staring at me every … Continue reading

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Package Planning

I have been thinking about how to ship all my boards in the mail. The boards almost ship themselves, because they fold in a way that most components can be placed inside the frame, which folds closed and is protected … Continue reading

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In a Lather

The backing component, while having the simplest design, has proven one of the most difficult pieces to deal with. It is very important that when it is cut, it be laid out as flat as possible so that there is … Continue reading

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Pip Fragility

One of the problems I kept facing with my design was pip fragility.  The tiny images of dice at the bottom of the Catan pips would often break, and I would then have to throw the whole pip in the … Continue reading

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Last night my Kickstarter campaign ended. I am thrilled by the response I got. This chart may look like numbers to you, but to me it reads as “Keep doing it. Go forward. Make some more cool stuff.”

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Pretty Alternate Colors

Pretty again.  But this time, butternut and cherry have been substituted.

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Pretty Colors

Pretty.  That is all.

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I've cut and etched a subset of the fancywood pieces.  After applying a varnish, the color really changes.  You can see here how the walnut got much more brown, the padauk darkened, and the curly maple changed minimally, picking up … Continue reading

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Colorful Testies

I used some laser time today to run some tests on the sample “fancy” wood I received from Memphis Hardwood. Above you can see Wheat, Stone, and Sheep printed on Yellowheart, Walnut, and Curly Maple. I’m also experimenting with a … Continue reading

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