Corel Draw, Get With the Program!

I’ve been frustrated by Corel Draw recently. I’ve tried to change the gradient fill that I use as the background in the trading ports several times, but every time I printed them out and inspected them, they seemed unchanged.

My latest theory has been that it had something to do with Corel Draw importing the PDF files that Inkscape outputs (How I wish that Inkscape could print directly to the Epilog…)

So I ran a little test. I made 4 rectangles in Inkscape and put various gradients in them, then saved to PDF. The gradients looked fine in Adobe Acrobat, so it wasn’t
Inkscape’s fault, or some limitation of the PDF format. When I loaded them up in Corel Draw, the sideways gradients were completely ignored, and the vertical gradients got changed to a simple black-to-white.

So now any time I want to use a gradient, I have to go through the tedious task of manually inserting multiple shades of grey.

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