Miracle on 5th St


Pictured above is a Wood tile with tape peeled off around the borders and of half the treestump detail. You can see where one treestump looks more orange and the other more white.

Notice I didn't say "and sanded".

Over the past couple days, I've been doing an experiment.  On the advice of a fellow TechShop member, I tried using the orbital sander on my plank before doing the laser cutting.  On this example, I used 400 grit paper beforehand.  This really improves the adhesion the contact paper (masking tape) gets against the wood.  When etching this piece, there were none of the tiresome pull-aways I'm used to.  When I pulled off the tape, the surface of the wood was completely unmarred.

Usually I would spend 15-30 minutes per tile sanding the orange areas off.  But with this new technique, this tile can go from the laser bed, to demasking, and straight to varnish.

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