Measure 2 Dozen Times, Cut Once


In an effort to solve my aforementioned deadline crisis, I've gone back to drawing on the board.  I need to etch the boards faster. After discussing the problem with fellow TechShoppers, I decided that more data was needed.

I spent the day testing different DPIs and speeds on the laser.  I also tried "correcting" the rough outline of 150 DPI etches by going over it again with a 1200 DPI vector etch around the border.

An idea I've yet to try is to move the bed down below the ideal focus zone to see if that gives me a wider beam for the vector etch.

So far, I have two candidates, 400 DPI / 50 speed / 90 power (2.4x speedup) and 150 DPI / 20 speed / 90 power with a 1200/40/10/500 correcting vector pass (2.97x speedup)

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