Christmas Rush in October


The response I’ve had from my Kickstarter campaign has been immense.

It has actually brought me a new set of problems. Initially, I set my funding target to $8000, thinking I could probably make 30 products and ship them for Christmas. Watching the orders grow and grow after Boardcrafting got featured on Boing Boing, TechCrunch,
Kotaku, The Daily What, and others was both exciting and intimidating. Intimidating because after doing a bit of mental math, at that growth rate, I wouldn’t be able to meet the shipping deadline.

The first thing I did was cap the quantities for all the rewards with December delivery dates. Then I duplicated the reward, but pushed the delivery dates out into January and beyond. That has left me with 60 products I need to manufacture and ship before December 15 — still daunting.

The options I’m considering now are either outsourcing some of the “rougher” work to a laser-cutting company (though with rates like $2 / minute, it might cost $360 to make the Frame Kit, which I’ve sold for $60), or hiring a helping hand to assist me at TechShop.

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5 Responses to Christmas Rush in October

  1. Congrats on the tremendous response! I am a $25 backer and look forward to receiving my copy of the vector art. I will be cutting my own copy at a local TechShop.


  2. Jay Bhatt says:

    Shandy, I can help you out TechShop, if you need some currently-unskilled labor.


  3. Michael Bina says:

    Just imagine if your problem was too many people ordering the $1000 level. You would be rushing around the country dressed in that awesome outfit of yours… 🙂


  4. Wow – congrats! Not a terrible problem to have 🙂


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