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Corel Draw, Get With the Program!

I’ve been frustrated by Corel Draw recently. I’ve tried to change the gradient fill that I use as the background in the trading ports several times, but every time I printed them out and inspected them, they seemed unchanged. My … Continue reading

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Beautiful painted wood Catan board

Maker makendo designed and built his own Catan board out of wood that I quite like. A particularly brilliant part of the design is the clay quarry tile, which has a cut-out section that works because it reveals the bottom … Continue reading

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Aww, Shucks…

GameHead had some very complimentary things to say about Boardcrafting this month. What can I say guys? I’m blushing!

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Miracle on 5th St

Pictured above is a Wood tile with tape peeled off around the borders and of half the treestump detail. You can see where one treestump looks more orange and the other more white. Notice I didn't say "and sanded". Over … Continue reading

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One of the next projects for me will be a laser-cut Dominion "caddy" – a device to keep all the cards lined up nicely while playing the game.  There's not much room on it for decoration, but with a laser, … Continue reading

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Stress Test

Any responsible manufacturer must test their products. An important test is that of temperature extremes. So while I was at a lab last week and had access to liquid nitrogen, I thought I’d give a pip a little bath in … Continue reading

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Good news, everybody! Boardcrafting is currently featured on the Games page at Kickstarter. I’ve noticed a bump in backers. In further Kickstarter news, I have exceeded 200 backers! Thanks so much to you all. I’m really excited to get the … Continue reading

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From 1 hour, 35 minutes to 30 minutes, 10 seconds!  Yay, data! (Sounds like what I used to say 55 minutes into every episode of Star Trek: TNG) Don't yet know if I can make all the orders by Christmas, … Continue reading

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Measure 2 Dozen Times, Cut Once

In an effort to solve my aforementioned deadline crisis, I've gone back to drawing on the board.  I need to etch the boards faster. After discussing the problem with fellow TechShoppers, I decided that more data was needed. I spent … Continue reading

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Just a tiny update – the wheat design has undergone more tweaking and is now giving me perfect results from the laser.

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