Vast Cans of Canvas Vats


Some of the feedback I've got about the Catan frame is that leather doesn't jive with some people's ethics.  So I need to come up with a solution for people who want a rad Catan frame but whose conscience would be provoked by a product that is half dead animal skin.

The backing has to be three things: rigid enough to keep the pieces flat when on an uneven surface, supple enough to enable folding at the middle hinge, and laserable.

Last night I tested whether canvas is laserable. It seems at a sufficient laser power, some melting happens, preventing fraying.  Success!

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2 Responses to Vast Cans of Canvas Vats

  1. Mike Burrows says:

    Have you tried neoprene sheet? It’s strong, flexible, available in many different thicknesses and colors and it’s fairly cheap. I’m pretty sure you can laser cut it, but I’ve never actually tried.


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