Gladys Knight and These


The “pips” in Catan are the little discs that sit inside the hexagonal
tiles. The version I have at home has on these pips a large number
between 2 and 12, a letter of the alphabet above the number and
underneath the number, some dots. The pips with the 6 and 8 are
printed in red, all the rest are in black. Understanding what this
all means is not possible without reading the instructions. The
number represents a dice roll, the letter represents what order the
pip should be placed on the board, and the dots represent how common
the dice roll is. What even some seasoned players don’t realize, the
dots represent how many ways that number can arise. For example, the
6 has five dots. There are five ways to roll a 6 with two six-sided

Furthermore, the 6 and the 9 are the same shape, just inverted.
That’s a property of fonts that’s always bothered me, no matter what
the application.

So in my design, I’m trying to correct all these problems. The main
element is the number, the letter has been removed from the front of
the pip and will be printed on the back, and the dots are replaced by
a decorative ring illustrating the die combinations that result in the

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