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Latest from the laser

Here's a pic of the latest stuff I cut at the laser.  You should be able to see (though perhaps a little blurry) the brick, the wheat, the wood, and a sheep tile, as well as the various trading ports … Continue reading

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Immortal Technique

At TechShop, laser cutter time is limited to two hours.  I try to not be a jerk and have my area vacated before that deadline.  But this is a big job. I figured out a technique to estimate the time … Continue reading

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Boardcrafting: Is this legal?

Isn’t what you’re doing illegal? Thanks for the question. My project is completely legal and if anything, would increase sales of Mayfair’s Settlers of Catan. Allow me to explain: My project is not a recreation or a replacement for Settlers … Continue reading

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I’ve got Sheep in Wood

Here is the sheep tile design realized in wood, and set into the frame to give an idea of how it will look when everything is put together. There’s something really cool about feeling the tile in my hands, the … Continue reading

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