In a bid to learn


My 7-day eBay auction for the custom Catan frame did not receive a bid
above the reserve price, so it did not sell. It received 5 bids, for
$42, $43, $44, $45, and $46 (well I can’t be sure of the last one,
based on how eBay works). Over the course of the auction, people
offered their opinions and advice. So what should I take from this
* There is a market for custom Catan frames, but the price point is
probably around $40-$50, which is not sufficient to compensate me for
the time it takes to make one using my current methods.
* People don’t like to bid on eBay auctions with “reserve” prices.
* Some people don’t like products that use animal products (leather)
* Etsy may be another route to try. It would eliminate the time restriction
* Kickstarter may be another route to try. Especially if I need the
funds to devote more time to development.

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2 Responses to In a bid to learn

  1. Joshie says:

    I don’t think it’s conclusive…without marketing, the consumer demand doesn’t know it exists. Maybe there’s a forum you could post on?


    • I’m definitely data-poor right now. I did post on Boardgamegeek, Facebook, TechShop and Reddit. The blog got around 1000 visitors that week and the eBay auction got 500 hits.


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