Keep Pushing This Sheep


Another attempt at a design for the Sheep tile. I got a lot of
feedback, so thanks everyone who commented. This version keeps the
abstract sheep shape from the previous design (“billowy and airy and
puffy feeling” according to one comment), but instead of just
multiplying it all over the place (these are sheep, not rabbits), I
made the smaller shape transform into a ribbon. I think this balances
the composition, gets rid of the visual competition, and makes things
flow together, especially in the way the ribbon becomes the tail of
the larger sheep.

Sometimes there’s feedback you just have to reject. Many people said
they preferred the design that “looked more like sheep”. To me that
is not important. Most chess sets don’t have kings that look like
kings or bishops that look like bishops. After you play Catan a
couple times, you don’t rely on the metaphor of an island which has
geographical regions, your brain has fully abstracted it into simply
“playing Catan”. So I want the tiles to evoke sheep, wood, ore, wheat,
and brick, and not need to be representational.

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2 Responses to Keep Pushing This Sheep

  1. Ann says:

    yea man im really digging this!


  2. Becky says:

    Wow — you’re making crazy progress. I just sent you the first version of the infomercial.


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