Up In the Cut


I wrote the following in August, 2010:

Finished my Catan frame prototype! Next, to test it out by playing a
game with it. I have a feeling that the size won’t be perfect. That’s
my lesson for tonight. When doing cuts, cut from the outside in. My
first plywood board was warped, so when I made the outside cut, it
didn’t end up being straight.

Another lesson is to tape down the wood to the metal guides and leave
it taped for as long as possible so that things don’t go off-register.
I spent 10 minutes tonight trying to re-register my board from where I
left off last time. It involved putting a piece of tape down over part
of the pattern, then lightly (600, 80%, 9p) etching it, peeling it
back and eyeballing it to see if everything lined up. If it didn’t, I
moved the pattern slightly in software.

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