Cut cut cut, Etch etch etcetera…


I wrote the following in August, 2010:

It’s all about the time budget.

I did some SVG work; I added the numbers and tweaked the font so 9s
didn’t look so much like 6s, I fussed with my algorithm that creates
the pattern of small hexagons, and I organized my file in layers for
quick and easy transfer to Corel Draw.

At Techshop, I learned that Corel Draw is fussy like a nut. It
wouldn’t take EPS or simplified SVG. Luckily it took PDF, but the
process took me 30 mins. Techshop gives you 2 hours on the cutter, so
those were precious sands in my hourglass.

I got pretty good at making my pipeline efficient, but ultimately, I
couldn’t finish everything I wanted to do. The good news is I
constructed something that will be a playable Catan board. Can’t wait
to unwrap it and try it out!

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