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Version 2 In Action

I took my latest version to Just Awesome, a board game store here in San Francisco that lives up to its name. They have regular board game meetups, Sunday being the Strategy Gaming meetup.  I carried the board in a … Continue reading

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Subscription Links

Hi all. I’ve been noticing a bunch of visitors lately, and I just wanted to say that if you want to keep updated on my progress, as well as when I’m going to have Catan frames available to purchase, you … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Sequel Is Better

Here's version 2.0 of the frame. I decided the prototype was too pointy, so I rounded the corners on this version. Also, the background decoration was omitted. I really like the clean look this gives it, you can see the … Continue reading

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More Action

Here's a better shot of the prototype in action

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In Action On a Blanket

Yes, the photo is a little blurry, but, like bigfoot, eyewitness reports have confirmed the veracity of this information. This is truly Settlers of Catan being played on a blanket in a park (Dolores Park in San Francisco for the … Continue reading

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Two Sheepies

  I am agonizing over the decision of what design to use for my sheep tile. Since it’s the age of the lazyweb 2.0, I’m going to crowdsource the decision-making.  So what say you, anonymous digital throng? Should I choose … Continue reading

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Dead Cow Saves the Day

To solve the problem of uneven surfaces, I added a hide backing to the frame. Hide is turgid enough that the Catan tiles will always lay flat. The backing also keeps the two frame pieces together and the whole unit … Continue reading

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Uneven Surface Problem

I took my prototype camping To play a game of Catan Looking forward to chill lamping, I laid a blanket atop the land The bumpy surface proved untoward, The pieces would not lie straight Again to the chalkboard Again, to … Continue reading

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Up In the Cut

I wrote the following in August, 2010: Finished my Catan frame prototype! Next, to test it out by playing a game with it. I have a feeling that the size won’t be perfect. That’s my lesson for tonight. When doing … Continue reading

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Cut cut cut, Etch etch etcetera…

I wrote the following in August, 2010: It’s all about the time budget. I did some SVG work; I added the numbers and tweaked the font so 9s didn’t look so much like 6s, I fussed with my algorithm that … Continue reading

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