Learn by doing


I was at the laser today printing out the design for the pips. Annie did most of the work on these. It was a bit of a failed experiment, as the design for the black dice asked for more detail than the birch plywood could endure. Some dots and borders formed frail columns and walls which broke off from either heat or handling.

This is good though. I want to get the maximum amount of detail, and that means I’ll sometimes push the envelope too far.

Just realized that the dots on dice are called “pips” as well. Yo dawg, I heard you like pips…

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2 Responses to Learn by doing

  1. Dave Wright says:

    Wow, these look great.
    Once you have the design finalised are you planning on producing some to sell?


    • I hope to sell a 100% complete board, with pips, hexes, ports, and the frame. It feels like its a long way off, but I keep making incremental progress. I’ll get there soon.


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