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Learn by doing

  I was at the laser today printing out the design for the pips. Annie did most of the work on these. It was a bit of a failed experiment, as the design for the black dice asked for more … Continue reading

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Seeing Audrey Kawasaki's work sealed the deal for me: laser-cut wood was going to look great. After seeing her brooch and the work refillseven did with skateboard decks, another ambition started to grow – what if I made this project … Continue reading

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Design Phase

Next, to figure out how to make the board.  Everything has to fit snug to defend against wind and jostling. Everything has to be compatible with the Mayfair pieces. At this point I had decided on using wood for the … Continue reading

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Only that which is measured improves

If I’m going to create something to keep all the Catan pieces in place, I’ll need to know exactly how big all the pieces are. I traced them out and grabbed my tape measure. I used millimeters, of course – … Continue reading

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The Obsession

As a bit more backstory, I had made my fateful purchase of Catan after reading an article about it in Wired magazine in 2009. Come halloween, my interest in Settlers of Catan was evident to everyone.  Concerned friends have yet … Continue reading

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Getting started

So first, I started doing some sketches of what might be possible if I were able to make 3-D wooden pieces… I thought it would be particularly nice if the pieces fit together instead of just lying on top of … Continue reading

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The Problem

This all started when we took Catan out to Zeitgeist to play on the patio tables.  The thin, light Catan tiles did not mix well with the uneven surface and the occasional breezes.  It was even worse when I tried … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on a handcrafted Settlers of Catan playing frame for over 6 months now.  After hearing a lot of people express interest, I thought it a good idea to start a blog to document the project’s progress.

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